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MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND EVENT - at Babacool Arts Studio & Grounds - May 11th, 10-3

on March 1st, 2019 by Yvette

Come visit my artist friends and I at my Art Barn on Saturday, May 11th - 10am - 3pm. I've invited over 10 other artists to join me - they will be setting up tents around the Babacool Arts Studio grounds and we are creating art to celebrate spring!  Enjoy a Saturday surrounded by art, chat with local artists, and maybe find a piece or two for your collection.


We're looking forward to celebrating spring through art and sharing it with you!  Here is a list of participating artists (besides myself):

- Andrea Akerib - (Pottery )- http://www.andreaakeribpottery.com/

- Antoinette Campbell-Hunter - (Paintings, Mixed Media) - http://www.acampbell-hunter.com/

- Christine Faucher (Trillium Design -  Jewelry) http://www.sudburyart.com/portfolio-item/christine-faucher-jewelry/

- Holly Lauer - (HML Ceramics) - https://hmlceramics.com/

- Rozsi Adean Moser - (Acrylic, Mixed Media) - https://www.rozsiadeanmoser.com/

- Newgrange Farm (Goat Milk Soaps and other Products, Crafts) - https://www.facebook.com/newgrangefarmboltonma/

- Bethany Schlegal (Screen printing, watercolor, mixed media) https://bethanyschlegel.com/

- Fay Senner (Astrology Art) - https://astrologyheart.com/

- Lyn Slade (Needle Felting) - http://www.lynslade.com/

- Chris Sterling (Weaving)