Welcome to Babacool Arts!  I create sculpture out of metal, clay, repurposed materials, and stained glass.  All of my works can be outside...I see them on a fence, on a tree, or on the side of a house, shed, barn or garage.  My work is inspired by nature, folklore, and myth and it feels right that my pieces can be displayed within natural settings.

 My metal pieces are created with heat and fire, hand-cut with a plasma cutter torch, and/or welded.  My clay pieces are hand-built and hand-glazed and fired in a kiln.  I love combining mediums - clay with metal, metal with stained glass, recycled materials with metal and/or clay.  My favorite recycled materials include shovels, pans, metal pails, wine corks, propane tanks, and other interesting things I happen to come across.

This website shows what type of pieces I have created over the past 14 years, along with newer pieces that are currently available for sale - and where you can purchase them.  I have a booth at Knotty Pines Design in Hudson (MA) where I update my art on a monthly basis.  I also have art at the following wonderful stores:  Avenue C at Eastleigh Farm, Central Mass Garden Center in Lunenburg (MA), Five Crows in Natick (MA), Hudson Art & Framing in Hudson (MA), the Nashoba Vallery Winery in Bolton (MA), and the Wayside Inn Farmstand in Sudbury (MA).  If you are in the area, please check these fabulous stores out!  I also host art fair events at my small antique farm two or three times a year...I post these events on my FB page, Instagram, and this website...and as send out an email "Babacool Arts News" to my "mail list."  

I do every piece by hand, so each piece is unique.  Also, I am constantly updating this website as pieces are sold and new pieces are created.  Please visit the ART link above to see examples of my artwork.

Babacool Arts has recently moved to Bolton, Massachusetts.  My family bought an antique farm and I converted the old barn into my studio - it's my "Art Barn!"  I usually open to the public and have at least three special country-style art fair events  annually (I invite other artists to set up in my yard amongst my sculptures).  Please email me at yvette@babacoolyvette.com if you have any questions or if you would like to be added to my very infrequent email list and be notified about my events.